Want $5,000 Worth of Powerful Sales Funnels  FREE? 
We have partnered with the  "best in the business" funnel marketing company, ClickFunnels, to bring you a marketing program that will help you dominate your local market!
The marketing landscape is always changing. Websites, once the stable of online marketing are dying. Watch the video below, it just might change the way you market your school.
Don't be afraid of technology (We're Black Belts, remember...? Lol ) We'll show ya how to use these powerful funnels, get students and save a lot of money on your marketing.
  •  Run your own promotions
  •  Control your image in your community
  •  Make your school the "go to school" in your  market
  •  Educate your market as to the benefits of your school
  •  Own, don't rent your online real estate! 
  •  You can easily learn and use this program, watch the video.
  •  Save a ton of money while loading up intro's.
Here they are, grab your DojoFunnels/ ClickFunnel sale pages and funnels below... they're yours FREE!

 Check'em out below:
Imagine being in 100% control of your marketing. 
You can. YOU can take control of  YOUR brand image, 
YOUR community image, and guess what...
Watch DojoFunnels in action 
(make sure to expand your screen!)
Notice: this offer is only good if you enroll under Dojo Funnels partner link (below) and yes, we do get a piece of the pie, that's how we fund this community.
Attention! Listen to this: 
We'll even include the $199 Jumpstart Installation program FREE!
Sometimes new technology can be a little daunting, don't worry, we have your back. We'll get you set up and operational, then we'll give you the step by step process so you can easily learn  to do it yourself.
  • The 14 Points of the Jumpstart Program
  • Create all the accounts needed to use custom domains with ClickFunnels
  • Create an email account to manage Jumpstart settings
  • Use Cloudflare to make your website faster & protected from hackers
  • Set custom DNS to connect your domain to Clickfunnels
  • Set email DNS settings to be able to send and receive emails with your domains
  • Create SSL security settings to protect your funnels and your data
  • Set page rules that prevent page errors or dead pages
  • Access your Domain Name registrar
  • Set new DNS settings at domain registrar for funnels and emails
  • Add new custom domain to the domain integrations at ClickFunnels
  • Connect domain name to proper funnel
  • Set SSL protection of your funnels at ClickFunnels
  • Access your Email Service provider
  • Connect Email Service Provider to ClickFunnels Awesome Feature - Super Cool Thing #1
  • Even Cooler Feature - Amazing Thing #2And So Much More...
Access To Dojo Funnels University
  •  Customization Instructions for each Funnel 
  •  Sales Funnel Creation Videos
  • Facebook Ads Training
  •  Step by Step Blueprint to 1st Funnel Live
  •  Other Training Videos
Facebook Support Group
  •  Questions Answered Daily 
  •  News, training and support
  • Facebook Ads Advice and Tips
  •  Shared community successes
  •  Example of winning Funnel and Ads
  •  Community resources
Ready To Get Started? 
Just Follow These 2 Easy Steps
Step 1
You'll need an account from our Dojo Funnels partner ClickFunnels $97 (you get a 14 day free trial) Then, all funnels, Dojo Funnels University, Facebook Group and support from Dojo Funnels is free.
Step 2
Once you've completed step 1 you'll receive an email with all your Free Access to the Dojo Funnels Training Area & Facebook Support Group 
What's next you ask? Once you are enrolled in Dojo Funnels you will have the opportunity to join an amazing program called Tribe Builders. This program is for martial artists by martial arts. It's a community where you can learn, share, grow and network. It contains the 12 programs that will allow you to grow your school and reach whatever vision you desire. Interested? Just click below and we'll show it to you. 

Randy Reid - Editor Dojo Nation Times.
Questions? Contact Randy [email protected]
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